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The whole new work life balance

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Even thinking about a ‘work life balance’ feels wrong now when our lives have been so spectacularly upended. I know I always struggled with maintaining a good work life balance, but this current situation has brought it home to me, quite literally, that I’d been spending far too much time at work now I’m forced to spend time with my family.

Spending so much time at home, it has really made me re-evaluate my priorities because mapping out my days now are so different. We’ve all found out that work can be done differently so we don’t need to miss out on these important moments in our family life anymore.

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to make you look at your priorities. Family, work, sleep and health are all important. When everything changes, it’s much easier to look at what you were doing before and decide that it was wrong. Why exactly was my own health and wellbeing such a low priority? As a society, we really need to examine why it’s taken something so drastic to make as do things differently and start prioritising the things that really matter. Going forward, I think it’s going to be important for people in business to hold on to what feels like a priority right now and not get bogged down with things that really aren’t that important.

Adapt Because You Want To
We have all adapted how we work and how we run our lives because we’ve had to. Wouldn’t it be nice if, once all this is over, we could look at how we adapt these things to simply suit our lives better? There are so many changes we didn’t think were possible or practical that we’ve been forced to make now so it really opens the possibilities of what we could do if we didn’t let doubt or ‘the norm’ hold us back. Whether it’s working from home more, getting more sleep (starting slightly later or finishing slightly earlier), using new technology to streamline our working practices or moving things online, we can make changes to allow us to continue to work in a productive way, spend more time with our families and look after our own wellbeing so let’s hope we can make even more changes because we want to and not because we are being made to.

Ditch the Defaults
It’s sad to say but I think I’ve been getting my work life balance wrong, like a lot of people, through purely doing things the way they’ve always been done. I think we see a way of doing something as the default and thus, the only real way of doing it, and it’s been holding us back. Now the defaults have had to be thrown out, it’s made me realise how I could’ve been doing things differently all along. The time we’ve all wasted in doing things a certain way because we just assumed that was the way to do it rather than trying to innovate is slightly heart-breaking in the context of it being time I could’ve spent with my kids. I hope that being forced to do things differently now will throw out those defaults forever, so we don’t fall back on them but, instead, keep finding new and better ways of working.

Admittedly, I hadn’t really understood all the talk about work life balance before and I kick myself looking back because I remember feeling sad that I missed those school performances and frustrated that I couldn’t spend much quality time with my family as well as feeling very worn out and suffering physically which were all obvious signs of a poor work life balance. I feel like I’ve been taught a valuable lesson with all this and I hope other people join me in thinking about how we can stop falling back into these bad habits in the future.

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