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  • Why choose Pier Recruitment?

    In recent times the recruitment industry has become too sales driven. The large corporate agencies are more interested in how many candidates are on the books, the numbers of jobs Consultants are working on and how many CVs have been sent to a client, rather than focusing on what actually matters – SERVICE.

    It is the core of our ethos to provide 100% customer service to all our candidates and clients, ensuring that we aren’t labelled as just another recruitment agency but recognised as people who will deliver you and your company the service you deserve.

    In order for us to provide you with a first-class service, we make sure we put in time and effort to understand your team, business and plans to expand and develop your existing workforce. We want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, and promise to listen to your exact requirements.

    If you require a temp out of normal working hours and are unable to contact our office, you can use this unique portal to access confidential information about a few of our available temps, each of whom covers a different role. Using your unique login given to you by your Consultant, all you have to do is choose the temp you would like and follow the link below. It’s that easy! In the unlikely event that the temp you choose is taken sick or is unable to accept the vacancy, contact us (there often someone on email) and we will find you the next best available temp.

    For more information about access to our portal, our temporary services or issues with passwords, please call (01273) 874154 or email info@pierrecruitment.co.uk.

  • How we will work with you

    Pier Recruitment can, of course, do the same as the rest: take a job over the phone, source for candidates, send CVs, set up interviews send invoices – but we know that this is simply not enough.

    We go the extra mile to make your business our number-one priority by spending time with you to understand your team, help write job descriptions and person specifications, run assessment days (in our offices or yours), help with interview techniques to provide support, and advice on legislation such as AWR and other legal changes.

    We understand how important it is for you to be matched with the right candidate, who will not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. We strive to meet all our candidates before sending them to you by conducting first interviews, which allows us to assess their ability and team fit. You will also work with a dedicated Account Manager, who will personally handle your vacancy from start to finish.

    We offer a transparent and consultative approach and can tailor you a bespoke Recruitment Package to ensure we meet your specific requirements. Our three primary objectives are to

    • Gain your trust to handle your specific needs
    • Shield you from hundreds of sales calls about recruitment
    • Provide you with an exceptional and watertight service to enable you to grow and retain your team.

    In addition to our own extensive database of potential candidates, we are registered with seven leading job boards, meaning that you get the best available candidates from the largest possible pool. If we need to find specialist candidates, we can also headhunt from our extensive network of LinkedIn contacts. We can also offer you a rebate facility of up to eight weeks for permanent vacancies and two days for temporary vacancies, should circumstances require it.

  • Further services we can offer you

    As well as providing you with standard recruitment services, we can offer you the following, which can benefit the team you already have.

    • Free Legal and HR seminars
    • Free legislation advice relating to AWR and pensions. We are members of the TEAM network, a governing recruitment body and network of independent agencies who work together to keep pace with client requirements, changing legislation and competition. This means that we are compliant to all new employment legislation and can provide you with multiple agency resources, should your company need it.
    • Holiday entitlement
    • Advice on interview training, exit interviews and holding assessment centres
    • Annual salary surveys, industry news and updates
    • Help with retention, salary and commission structures
    • First-day briefing for new employees
    • Reports on recruitment trends
    • Management information, including spend information for high-volume accounts
    • Interview suites and a complimentary boardroom

    We understand that retaining your employees is incredibly important, especially when considering the time you have taken to train them. We are therefore not only dedicated to helping you grow your existing team, but also to supporting the development of the excellent workforce that already works for you.

  • Why hire us as your Managed Agency?

    We will account-manage your company’s specific recruitment package by offering you a Consultant dedicated to spending time with you and your team to make sure all your needs are covered.

    We have SLAs in place to ensure a high level of service is being delivered and maintained, which includes weekly, monthly, quarterly or six-monthly reviews. These will be held with a Pier Recruitment Director to ensure that you are happy with the whole process and make sure any changes, if needed, can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Furthermore you can be assured that none of our Account Managers support more than five companies at any one time, so you get 100% commitment.

    We have great feedback and testimonials to prove we mean what we say and are renowned for exceptional candidate and client satisfaction. Our reputation is growing from strength to strength, demonstrated through our high success rate at matching the right candidate to the right role.

    We specialise in

    • office support
    • accountancy and finance
    • sales and customer service
    • HR
    • legal
    • marketing
    • insurance and financial services
    • property and estate agency
    • travel and tourism
    • executive search recruitment for salaries £50k+.
  • Visons and Values

    • We offer a transparent recruitment package reflecting your needs.
    • We believe in trust, commitment, value and honesty.
    • We offer a consultative approach, offering advice and guidance at all times.
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