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Your Contract

Your terms of employment are given to you at registration stage and you can ask your Temporaries Consultant for these at any time.

From Day One of an assignment you are entitled to be given equal access to the Hirer’s collective facilities such as office canteens, parking or transport facilities, on site gym facilities etc., under the same rules and conditions as the Hirer’s direct employees. For example, if a direct employee of the Hirer is not be entitled to a car-parking space until they reach managerial level (or above) the same will apply to you. Equally if the Hirer’s canteen facilities are subsidised for all their internal workforce, the same will apply to you.

You are also entitled to be informed of suitable internal vacancies at the Hirer’s company. This does not mean you are entitled to be hired into the role or even interviewed for it if you are not considered suitable, but you are entitled to equal access to information about it.

For further information on working for us on a temporary basis, please take a look at our Temporary Handbook. Here, you will find further information about working for Pier Recruitment, Agency Worker Regulations (AWR), your assignments, pay and procedures, workers benefits and feedback. After reading this, if you have any additional questions then please do not hesitate to contact your Temporaries Consultant who will give you all the answers you need. Call our office between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday.