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At Pier Recruitment we feel it is essential to remember what is important about looking for a new career.

We can help you answer the following questions, to get you focused on what you are looking for in the workplace, and how best to get it.

  • What are your career aspirations?
  • What is your mind-set?
  • Is your CV selling you as well as it should be?

Why should I register with Pier Recruitment?

We can offer advice, tips and tricks on the do’s and don’ts of the interview process and how to make that all-important first impression unforgettable. We can also supply you with valuable information about the marketplace and realistic salary expectations, as well as being able to offer you exciting career prospects or short-term employment solutions. Our numerous jobs are updated on a daily basis and cover a wide variety of industries and organizations.

How do I register with you?

After an introductory telephone conversation, we will ask you to come in to one of our offices to have a face-to-face meeting with one of our expert Consultants. Here, we will discuss your previous work history and what is driving you towards your next career move.

We will work closely with you as it is paramount that we build a trusting relationship. We will consider your motivators and greatest achievements to date, which will enable us to make sure you stand out from other applicants, accentuating what differentiates you from the rest. This may seem like a lot, but it is crucial that we place you in the right business, as cultural fit is key to finding a successful match with a new employer.

What if I am unable to come to your office to meet you?

If it is not convenient for you to come and meet with us face-to-face, we can arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat closer to you. We do ask you to be flexible and we will endeavour to do the same. For mitigating or special circumstances, we can offer Skype calls and meetings.

What happens after I register with you?

Once we have all the necessary information to help us successfully find you a new and exciting career, we will contact our clients and prospective employers to find you the perfect match.

If you would like to search and apply online for one of our available jobs, fill in the form below. Here, you can narrow down your search by filtering jobs by title, location and maximum distance you would like to travel.

You may also send us your CV directly to info@pierrecruitment.co.uk. You may also call us on (01273) 874154 to discuss your career prospects, CV and experience with one of our friendly Consultants.

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By submitting your name, email address CV and any other personal details via our website or to our team directly at Pier Recruitment, you are agreeing for us to store your data on our secure database. You are also allowing us to contact you by any means regarding employment opportunities for any roles we feel you may be suited to, even if those differ from the role you originally applied for.

You are able to withdraw your consent at any time, by emailing info@pierrecruitment.co.uk

Please find our policy here at: http://www.pierrecruitment.co.uk/gdpr/


While we will do our best to advise you on all aspects of your job search, it is sometimes appropriate to seek external help. You can call the National Careers service helpline on 0800 100 900 and this is designed to assist you with the following areas of your job search.

  • CV Writing
  • CV Refresher and General Advice
  • Cover Letter Writing and Support
  • LinkedIn and Social Media Profiling
  • Job Search and Approaching Employers
  • Job Applications
  • UCAS Statements
  • Interview Techniques Advice for Jobs and University
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Options
  • 1-2-1 and Group Workshops



Fail to plan = plan to fail

A failure to plan ahead in all areas surrounding an interview renders your success rate significantly lower than if you know exactly where to go, when to get there, what to do and what to say.

Whether you’re counting the days until your first job interview or you just need to brush up on your technique, we can help make your overall interview style more fluid, more confident and more memorable.

Below you can find a few tips, tricks, dos and don’ts that should help you plan for your next interview and hopefully make it a success!


Relocating to a new area can be an exciting, nerve-racking and daunting process, especially if you haven’t found a job prior to moving.

Whether you’re moving across town, to a different city or even to a new part of the country, we can help you find your perfect job, which will (at least) make the work part of your relocation stress-free!

All our Consultants are local to the Sussex area, which means that they are not only highly knowledgeable about the job market but also about the surrounding areas and what to do once you’ve moved.

If you choose to do an apprenticeship, Pier Recruitment can put you in touch with several reputable companies who offer these. Unfortunately, we do not run apprenticeship courses ourselves, however we can help you with an application and refer you to the relevant company.

Below is some useful information, which may help you decide whether an apprenticeship is the correct path for you.

What is an apprenticeship?

What is an apprenticeship?

To get your career started you usually need a combination of experience and qualifications, something that is not always very easy to attain. An apprenticeship gives you both by combining training on the job with segmented study (usually one–two days a week): earning and learning. With some apprenticeships you can even get a degree–however this type of apprenticeship is not very common.

If you have no work experience on your CV, or you’d like to get a taster of a particular job or industry, you might like to consider work experience first.

You can think of an apprenticeship like a ‘normal’ job but with more training than usual. Being an apprentice gains you recognized qualifications and skills while you are earning. However your pay is likely to be lower than the National Living Wage (at least to begin with) as you will be receiving more training than normal and are likely to have a relatively low skill set for your chosen profession.

There are three types of apprenticeship:

  • Foundation Apprenticeship
  • Standard Apprenticeship

The type of apprenticeship you will need to complete will depend on the industry sector or profession you choose. Different jobs require different levels of qualification, some higher than others.

How long will my apprenticeship last?

How long will my apprenticeship last?

Generally, an apprenticeship will take between one and four years to complete depending on which level you take and what specific qualification you are working towards. Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of industries and many high-quality, prestigious companies offer them.

What will I learn?

What will I learn?

This is totally dependent on the profession you are looking to go into and the length of your apprenticeship. Every apprentice follows a programme of study that is approved, meaning that you will definitely gain a recognized qualification at the end of your course.

If your training has been successful, at the end of your apprenticeship you should have gained the necessary qualifications, skills and experience that match exactly what your future employer wants.

Where do I train?

Where do I train?

Again, this is highly dependent on what you want to do. Your employer will make the decision about where you are trained to do their work. Various options include:

  • On the job
  • At college (full or part time)
  • At a specialised training centre (full or part time).

How often and where you receive your training will always be uncertain; usually you will only be told upon being offered an apprenticeship.

What do I need to get an apprenticeship?

What do I need to get an apprenticeship?

As long as you are aged 16 and over, you will be considered for an apprenticeship.

With regards applying, you will need to follow the same process as you do for a typical job. Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular and are therefore very competitive, so your application has to be very good.

What will I get paid if I choose to do an apprenticeship?

What will I get paid if I choose to do an apprenticeship?

This is completely up to your employer. As your skill set is likely to be relatively low (at least to begin with) pay for apprenticeships is usually fairly low. Remember, while you are learning you will be out training for a large portion of your course, which costs time and money.

The apprentice rate of £3.30 per hour applies to apprentices who are aged 16-18 or if you are 19+ and in the first year of your apprenticeship. After this time, you are entitled to the National Minimum Wage – details can be found here www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates. Of course, pay is dependent on the industry, location and type of apprenticeship you are doing; however most employers stick to the standard pay.

There are many different theories on how to write a great CV, stand-out application or outstanding cover letter.

While the theories may differ, one thing remains the same: each of the above is essential when looking for work, especially when there is so much competition for every job. There is no right or wrong way to present yourself on paper, so there aren’t any ‘standard’ templates to follow. However, it is important to remember that without meeting your prospective employer, how you come across on paper is a crucial marketing tool to promote your skills and knowledge. It needs to be neat, clear and easy to scan over quickly.

The link below is designed to provide you with handy tips and tricks on how to write a knockout CV, job application or cover letter.

If you are a temp already working for Pier Recruitment, please visit Temp Hub
where you can access all the relevant information.

We aim to give you:

  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Assignments that match your skills and experience, helping you to achieve your career goals
  • An exceptional range of benefits such as Perkbox, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity, paternity / adoption Leave and antenatal appointment payment

If you are deciding to take a temporary role through Pier Recruitment, below is some basic information about what to expect after registering with us.

If you choose to work through Pier Recruitment on Temporary basis, be assured that we are committed to making sure that all of our workers are happy and that they receive the best possible service from our Consultants.

Your Contract

Your terms of employment are given to you at registration stage and you can ask your Temporaries Consultant for these at any time.

From Day One of an assignment you are entitled to be given equal access to the Hirer’s collective facilities such as office canteens, parking or transport facilities, on-site gym facilities etc., under the same rules and conditions as the Hirer’s direct employees. For example, if a direct employee of the Hirer is not be entitled to a car-parking space until they reach managerial level (or above) the same will apply to you. Equally if the Hirer’s canteen facilities are subsidised for all their internal workforce, the same will apply to you.

You are also entitled to be informed of suitable internal vacancies at the Hirer’s company. This does not mean you are entitled to be hired into the role or even interviewed for it if you are not considered suitable, but you are entitled to equal access to information about it.

For further information on working for us on a temporary basis, please take a look at our Temporary Handbook. Here, you will find further information about working for Pier Recruitment, Agency Worker Regulations (AWR), your assignments, pay and procedures, workers benefits and feedback. After reading this, if you have any additional questions then please do not hesitate to contact your Temporaries Consultant who will give you all the answers you need. Call our office between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday.



The saying ‘you are who your friends are’ is often a true one. We find that vast amounts of our business has come through word of mouth and recommendations from our loyal candidates – something we are very thankful for!

Therefore, if we have supported you in your employment search and you have any friends or family now looking for work, please refer them to us. We will encourage this refer a friend scheme as much as possible because your friends are our friends!

If you help us grow our candidate base we will in turn reward you with one of the following gifts:

  • Cinema Vouchers for two
  • £25 voucher for dinner at Gars Chinese
  • £25 voucher for Marks and Spencer, Next or HMV

There’s no limit to the recommendations you can make. The more the merrier.

However, there are always some Terms and conditions…(sorry!)

To be eligible for one of the gifts above we have to place your friend in a permanent role for 8 weeks or a temporary role for 4 weeks. The friend that you recommend must not have previously registered with Pier Recruitment, have applied for roles and been spoken to by a consultant at Pier Recruitment or been recommended to us by someone else.

Your Details

Your Friends Details

By submitting your name, email address CV and any other personal details via our website or to our team directly at Pier Recruitment, you are agreeing for us to store your data on our secure database. You are also allowing us to contact you by any means regarding employment opportunities for any roles we feel you may be suited to, even if those differ from the role you originally applied for.

You are able to withdraw your consent at any time, by emailing info@pierrecruitment.co.uk

Please find our policy here at: http://www.pierrecruitment.co.uk/gdpr/