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Jobs that didn’t exist until now – and some that have disappeared!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have realised that we are well and truly living in the Digital Age – a time that is bringing with it many opportunities! There is no doubt that our economy has suffered in the last decade, and now our recovery is being aided by a boom in technology!

It may therefore come as no surprise that this digital boom has brought with it a plethora of jobs that didn’t exist before – some from as little as ten years ago! For example;

1 – Digital Marketing Specialist

There is no doubt that one of the fastest developing industries at the moment is the marketing industry, which has seen phenomenal changes over the last decade as it continues to mould itself to advances in technology. Whizz back a decade and most marketing was offline, a crazy thought for some of our younger counterparts who have been bought up with smartphones and Xboxes! We just about had emails and texting, but the implementation of social media marketing, search marketing and other areas of digital marketing were practically non-existent.

2 – Social Media Manager

Social media was well and truly in its inception ten years ago. Facebook was still restricted to Harvard students, LinkedIn had yet to take off and Twitter was just an idea! Now look at where we are – almost 75% of all adults are on social media! Managing social media is a fun, yet time-consuming task and strategies are very difficult to perfect. The importance of social media platforms has only been fully recognised in the past few years and jobs in this areas are increasing year-on-year!

3- Chief Listening Officer (CLO)

Many people see this role or its abbreviation ’CLO’ and have no idea what it is. In truth, this is a relatively new term – only a few years old at most. A CLO is a great job to get in to and it’s a step-up from being a Social Media Manager. As a CLO, you not only take on the role of being a social media manager, but you also engage in face-to-face interaction with customers and provide reports of your businesses communication efforts.

4 – Blogger

Although blogs have been around since the 90’s, they started as online diaries and had very limited readerships. Even 5 years ago, if you said you were a professional blogger you’d have probably been laughed at or assumed to be lying. Now, blogging is not only a hobby, it is a profession! The Huffington Post was founded by Arianna Huffington and is now subject to 110 million monthly users! Blogging is now tricky to crack into as there is a blog about pretty much everything, but if you manage to successfully build yourself a platform, you could be earning millions http://www.news.com.au/finance/executive-lounge/bloggers-that-turned-into-multi-millionaires/story-fng3e17m-1226527524201!

5 – SEO Specialist

Ten years ago, terms like SEO were barely used and the majority of people would have no idea what SEO was. To be honest, many people nowadays would struggle to define SEO – yet is one of the most rapidly expanding and important areas of digital progression. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and specialists in the field do…a lot. Their main goal, in a nutshell, would be to increase your websites viewership by improving its content and helping it climb onto the coveted first pages of Google and Bing etc. There are several aspects to this job including keyword research, content writing and online strategy mapping.


There are also a few jobs that don’t exists anymore (oh, how times have changed) ……


1  – Bowling Alley Pinsetters – Bowling alley pinsetters were young boys employed at bowling alleys to set up the pins for clients

2 – Human Alarm Clocks – Knocker-uppers were essentially alarm clocks – they were hired to ensure that people would wake up on time for their own jobs. They would use sticks, clubs or pebbles to knock on clients’ windows and doors.

3- Rat Catchers – Rat catchers were employed in Europe to control rat populations. They ran high risks of suffering bights and infections, but helped prevent these from spreading to the public.

4 – Lamp Lighters – Lamplighters used long poles to light, extinguish and refuel street lamps – until electric lamps were introduced.

5 – Switch-Board Operators – Switchboard operators were integral parts of a telephone network’s operation before modern technology rendered them obsolete. They would connect long-distance calls and do other things that are now done digitally.

All we can say – THANK GOODNESS for technology!

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