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The Struggles and Strains of Job Hunting

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There is no doubt, looking for a new job can be a REAL struggle, especially in such a competitive market.

Firstly, looking for a job that suits your skill set and salary requirements can be a challenge, then when you finally find a few jobs that look of interest, you have to apply…and apply…and apply a little bit more, tweaking your CV to best suit each position. You then hit a wall, either not ever hearing back or being ‘unsuitable’ for the vacancy. Finally, you may secure an interview – only to wait a year and a day to hear back. In the end, you may secure the job, but if not, it’s back to square one again!

There is no doubt that this process can be highly discouraging and a real chore. There are stages where you will want to give up completely (after application 57) – but you must NOT! Patience, perseverance and a bit of optimism is key. Every piece of feedback you gain during the process should be looked at as a learning curve, and something you can use to improve your next application / interview. We promise, your time will come – you will land your dream job!

Below are a few struggles that may seem all too familiar:

1 – You actually added ‘I want a job’ to your Christmas list:


2 – You are bombarded with reminders about your fruitless job search:


3 – You need experience to get experience:


4 – Editing your applications over and over and over again:


5 – There are some very ambiguous and down-right demanding job descriptions:


6 – Waiting to hear back after an interview:


7 – You write job applications that are longer than the River Nile:


8 – The same old – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know:


9 – Job rejections:


Honestly, we understand how tricky job searching can be, which is why do whatever we can to assist and support you.  

For tips and tricks about how to make your search a little easier, please read a few of our previous blog posts and look out for new ones! You can also visit our website for more information and helpful downloads; www.pierrecruitment.co.uk!

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