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Do your employees share your passion?

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Do my staff share the same goals as my business?
Do they understand my why and what the goals are outside of making a profit?
Do they feel part of the bigger picture?

This week I attended a seminar – ‘Building Your Brand Profile for Business Growth’ run by The Network Exposure Group at the beautiful Old Ship hotel.

To be honest, I usually shy away from events like this but the local speakers interested me and marketing / brand awareness is a topic I wanted to know more about. I found the day informative and exceptionally thought provoking. It certainly got me thinking about Pier Recruitment’s personality and why we are who we are.

The main consideration I took away from the day was ‘The Why’. Remembering why you are passionate about your industry. What is it that makes you different to your competitors and defines your brand?

I started to think about why I own a recruitment company and the first answer came easily.

I am fascinated by why people work for people. What motivates someone to go to work in the morning and what makes your employees believe in your brand and therefore want to work for you. Recruitment to me is more than matching a CV to a job description, it is about matching a person to a company, so that together they can each achieve their goals.

Everyone’s personal goals are different but they can align in the business world – beyond money.

I am considering my team and why they want to work for Pier Recruitment.

They are sales people and sales people love commission. I introduced incentives and prizes to motivate them and keep a competitive, fun office environment but I don’t believe this is what keeps someone motivated to work for a business.

Back to the Why? Do my staff share the same goals as my business? Do they understand my why and what the goals are outside of making a profit? Do they feel part of the bigger picture?

I strongly believe that my employees do see the bigger picture and by believing in the values of the organisation and the deeper reason behind why I run Pier Recruitment. It helps to align our goals and they share the overall sense of achievement as we succeed.

Over my career I must have placed 1000’s of people into jobs both in a temporary and permanent capacity. Some of these placements didn’t work out and we are not always going to get it right but by companies sharing their goals and objectives openly with us and candidates, the opportunity to succeed is greater. Likewise, candidates need to have a focus on the values that are important to them and how they see their future.

If you haven’t thought about ‘The Why’ for you, then it is essential you take an hour today to reflect on this and the values that makes your business unique. The even bigger step is to be open up and let your team know what ‘The Why’ is because it is not always about making money!

Your staff will stay with you longer and your brand be defined when you share the common goals and everyone can see how they have contributed to the success.

Pier Recruitment is a recruitment agency like any other but my focus is helping organisations get the right personality match for the business and retain their staff to achieve their goals together.

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