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Are you an office sinner?

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Are you an office sinner, or an office winner?

office sins

No matter where you work, there always seems to be that one person who commits ‘office sins’. These office faux-pas can be small or large, ranging from shirking the tea-making duties to swearing at management (yes, this does happen in some places and we can’t believe it either)! Whether you are guilty of committing coffee crimes or blaspheme against your boss, you need to make sure you are being an excellent employee – for everyone’s sake!

A recent survey (source: anonymous) asked over 10,000 respondents to confess their office sins. Whilst most answers confirmed the sinners should sleep-easy with a clean conscience, some outlined that there are a few offenders whose actions could have negative repercussions on their company and their team! Whatever you think you may (or may not) be guilty of doing in your workplace, it is important that your reputation isn’t damaged – ensuring you can progress in your career!

The top five office sins are below. Are you guilty of any of them?

1- Avoiding the tea and coffee duties

tea drinker

Admittedly, this seems quite harmless – let’s face it, neglecting to make the team a hot drink doesn’t actually equate to the company making a financial loss…but it can affect you! Yes, we all have lazy days, however your reluctance to be a team player may cost you progression and promotion in the future. Nobody wants to work with selfish, lazy people and your company certainly wouldn’t want a work-shy manager or a team leader who thinks menial jobs are ‘beneath’ them.

2 – Eating a co-worker’s lunch (yes, this is apparently more common than we anticipated)!

my sandwich

Again, this seems quite laughable (and perhaps unbelievable)…but unless it’s a free lunch or an office treat this is a big no-no. Without consent from a colleague, it is never acceptable to help yourself to their food – just think, they may have spent hours slaving over a loaf to make themselves a yummy mid-week treat! Doing this will cost you trust, a very important attribute in the workplace. Your team won’t want to work with someone they can’t trust and your boss certainly doesn’t want an untrustworthy employee causing drama in the office. Today it’s sandwiches, tomorrow it could be expensive equipment. You may say to yourself “I would never go that far, that is ridiculous” but why go there at all?

3 – Internet browsing

web surfing

With the affordability and accessibility of smartphones on the increase, many people resort to social media, online shopping and gaming while they’re supposed to be working. There are also a few brazen people who will happily use the company’s browser to surf the web for personal benefit (also during work hours). Using the internet is one of the top factors attributing to time-waiting at work, as it presents a myriad of sources employees can abuse to idle away the hours instead of doing proper work. The cost of this for an employer can snowball into thousands as the hours stack up against names of multiple offenders!

4- Faking illness

im sick

The survey showed that almost all respondents have done this on a few occasions, something that didn’t come as much of a shock to us. Whilst you might think the odd day off ‘here and there’ doesn’t matter – it does. A recent Absence Management Survey (2016) found that the average number of days lost per employee was 6.3 (in a large companies of 100+ people), equating to a median annual absence cost of around £522 per full-time equivalent employee. So, while you may think having that extra duvet day is completely harmless – it isn’t. Only call in sick if it’s genuine – even on your birthday!

5 – Sleeping during meetings (we were shocked that some people have seemingly got away with this one)!

sleep in office

A surprising (and downright ludicrous) 10% of people have apparently had a quick snooze during a long boring meeting – again, how they managed to get away with this (unless others around them were completely oblivious) is beyond us.
As said before, this has no financial implications for the company but it will make you a laughing stock in the office – especially if you start snoring and dribbling or have a bad dream. If you are one of the shocking offenders of this crime, please try to abstain. Drink coffee, get an early night, feast on sugar – do whatever it takes!

Don’t worry about the occasional office banter, we all enjoy a bit of work-place camaraderie…just bear in mind that there is the danger of taking it too far, and it could end up costing you the respect of your co-workers, or worse still, your job!

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This post was written by Emma Jones