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Founded in 2012, Pier Recruitment is a bespoke recruitment agency designed to bring service back in to the industry – something which has sadly been neglected in recent years!


We are interested in your career, what you really want to do and how you want to progress. We understand that people need change, they need to grow and develop, and sometimes they need to move in to a completely different industry sector. Whether it’s a permanent, temporary or contract position you are looking for – we will find it for you!

If you are a candidate and looking for work, please visit the Looking for a Jobsection of our website. Here, you will find useful information about

  • apprenticeships
  • how to register with us
  • how to make your CV stand out
  • what jobs we have on
  • tips about looking for a job when relocating.

This is where you can also access useful downloads (such as interview tips) and save them to your computer.

If you are candidate already working for us, please visit the Temp Hub where you can find all the information you need about temping through Pier Recruitment.

Looking for a Job?


We want to know you and your business, understand your working environment and the values you stand for. Our commitment is to make sure that we help grow your team by retaining employees as well as recruiting new ones. We offer a much wider service than other agencies do; this will enable us to become the only recruitment partner you will ever need.

For more information on why Pier should be your Recruitment Partner, please visit the Recruiting? section of the site. Here you can also access the Temp Portal, our exclusive and really useful service that allows you to find an on-call temp at very short notice. You can also post a job with us by filling the relevant online forms.